The Creative

The Creative Cake is perfect for you if you have a theme in mind and would like to leave everything else to the expert.

Simply let us know what theme and colours you would like and please also let us know what you don't like. We will take your instructions and create a deliciously creative design that will surprise you and hopefully exceed all of your expectations.

The Creative comes with fixed pricing for de different cake sizes.

6 inch: Serves 12 - 14 - £99.95

8 inch: Serves 24 - 26 - £119.95

10 inch: Serves 30 - 35 - £139.95

12 inch: Serves 35 - 40 - £159.95

6 & 8 inch: Serves 30 - 36 - £199.95

8 & 10 inch: Serves 50 - 56 - £229.95

6 & 8 & 10 inch: Serves 60 - 70 - £299.95

Cupcakes: 6 - £25; 12 - £42

Let's get deliciously creative

Bespoke Celebration & Birthday Cakes

We pride ourselves in making deliciously creative bespoke birthday and celebration cakes. Making birthday cakes for all the children in the neighborhood is what got SamCakes started. From carved novelty cakes to personalised messages for a loved one to themed celebration cakes. Bespoke celebration cakes need to be ordered in advance. Please allow at least 5 days for one tiered cakes and 14 days for two or more tiered cakes. Click here to view more deliciously creative cakes. 

Order your bespoke birthday/ celebration cake

Bespoke Wedding Cakes

We love creating bespoke wedding cakes and offer a free consultation where we talk about all the details that you would like to be incorporated in your wedding cake. After our consultation, you can place your order with a 50% deposit to reserve your special date. The earliest you can place your order up to a year in advance and 3 months latest. We sometimes are able to take last minute orders but cannot promise a spot less than 3 months before the wedding date. Click here to view more bespoke wedding cakes.

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Order Deliciously Creative Cake Tasting Boxes

Every quarter we create deliciously creative tasting boxes for everyone to try. We ship those UK wide. Our boxes include 5 different flavours every quarter. You can pre-order them at any time. 

Pre-order your tasting box

Order Deliciously Creative Treats - Cupcakes & Cakesicles

Cupcakes are great celebration stoppers. Whether it's for your wedding or a celebration. They always add a great touch of colour and excitement for your event. Click here to view more deliciously creative treats.

Let's get deliciously creative

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